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Title: Twister

Date: 1996
Type: Drama
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Jan De Bont
Producer: Michael Crichton

Two groups of people go chasing tornadoes to get information about them. Bill Paxton has given up field work but meets his soon to be ex wife (Helen Hunt) with his new girl friend (Jamie Gertz) , only to get drawn into a frantic chase to launch some new equipment in to a tornado. Watch it for the effects, but not the plot, which gets a bit far fetched at the end.


Helen HuntHelen Hunt
Bill PaxtonBill Paxton
Jamie GertzJami Gertz
Cary ElwesCary Elwes
Lois SmithLois Smith
Philip Seymour HoffmanPhilip Seymour Hoffman
Alexa VegaAlexa Vega


Nomination - Effects & Sounds

Michael Crichton