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Title: Towering Inferno

Date: 1974
Type: Drama /Action
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Yes
Director: John Guillermin

Paul Newman is the architect of a skyscraper who discovers a problem at its opening, but it goes ahead and there are a series of fires that Steve McQueen as the fire chief has to deal with. This is the classic disaster film of the 1970's, with a good story line and an excellent cast.


Steve McQueenSteve McQueen
Paul NewmanPaul Newman
William HoldenWilliam Holden
Faye DunawayFaye Dunaway
Fred AstaireFred Astaire
Richard ChamberlainRichard Chamberlin
Robert Vaughn
Robert Wagner
Jennifer JonesJennifer Jones


Nomination Best Picture
Nomination - Best Supporting Actor - Fred Astaire

Towering Inferno