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Title: Telephone Operator

Date: 1937
Type: Drama / Rpmance / Comedy
Rating: 2 Stars 2/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Scott Pembroke

Two wise-cracking telephone line-men (Grant Withers and Warren Hymer) arrive in a small town where they meet two telelphone operators (Judith Allen and Alice White) . Their initial animosity turns to romance and together they help save the town when the local dam breaks. The plot is predictable but Judith Allen has a pleasant charm particularly when helps save the marriage of her boss, unknown to him and he then sacks her.


Judith AllenJudith Allen
Grant WithersGrant Withers
Warren Hymer
Alice WhiteAlice White
Ronnie Cosbey
Pat Flaherty
Greta Grandstedt
William Haade
Cornelius Keefe
Dorothy Vaughn
Walter McGrail
Ethel Jackson
Mildred Gover