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Title:Teddy At The Throttle

Date: 1917
Type: Drama
Rating: 4 Stars 4/5
Colour: Black and White / Silent
Director: Clarence G Badger
Producer: Mack Sennett

A young man wants to marry his sweetheart, but his scheming gaurdian has been stealing money and tries to marry him to his sister to gain his inheritance. This is an entertaining film that moves at a pace that keeps the attention, with the classic ending of the dog rescuing the woman chained to the railway tracks. It is one of only two known remaining silent films with the heroine tied to the train tracks. This is one of Gloria Swanson's earlier films, that shows why she went on to be a star.


Bobbie Vernon
Gloria SwansonGloria Swanson
Wallace BeeryWallace Beery
May Emory
Blanche Phillips



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