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Title: Stage Door

Date: 1937
Type: Drama
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Black & White
Director: Gregory LaCava

Katherine Hepburn comes from a wealthy society background but wants to make her way in the theatre without the backing of her family name. She moves into a theatrical boarding house and shares a room with Ginger Rogers and experiences all the emotional high's and low's of being an aspiring actress. The plot is not great, but the film does move with a good pace to keep the interest and there are good performances from Katehrine Hepburn, Ginger Rogers (in one of her dramatic rather than dancing roles) and Andrea Leeds.


Katherine Hepburn
Ginger RogersGinger Rogers
Andrea LeedsAndrea Leeds
Adolphe MenjouAdolphe Menjou
Ann MillerAnn Miller
Gail PatrickGail Patrick
Constance CollierConstance Collier
Samuel S HindsSamuel S Hinds
Lucille BallLucille Ball


Nomination - Best film
Nomination Best director - Gregory LaCava
Nomination - Best supporting actress - Andrea Leeds


RKO Radio Pictures
Stage Door