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Title: The Shape Of Water

Date: 2017
Type: Drama / Sci-fi / Romance / Fantasy
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Guillermo Del Torro
Producer: Guillermo Del Torro

A lonely mute woman (Sally Hawkins) who works as a cleaning lady in a secret research facility in the 1960's strikes up a friendship with an amphibian creature (Doug Jones) that has been captured and studied by the military. Her friendship with the creature leads her to take him out of the facility and hide him in her bathroom. Guillermo Del Torro has produced a film that is visually impressive and explores humanity and relationshhips, even though the plot is somewhat strange and not really believable. Sally Hawkins gives a good performance in the main role as the mute woman discovering herself and there is good support from octavia Spencer as her work friend. This won 4 oscars and had 9 nominations but is one of those films that divides opinion, either a great film or self indulgent.


Sally HawkinsSally Hawkins
Michael Shannon
Richard Jenkins
Doug Jones
Michael Stuhlbarg
Octavia Spencer
Nick Searcy
David Hewlett
Nigel Bennett
Lauren Lee Smith
Martin Roach
Allegra Fulton


Won - Best Film
Won - Best Director - Guillermo Del Torro
Nomination - Best Actress - Sally Hawkins
Nomination - Best Supporting Actor - Richard Jenkins
Nomination - Best Supporting Actress - Octavia Spencer

Shape Of Water