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Title: Rhythm In The Clouds

Date: 1937
Type: Musical / Comedy / Romance
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: John A Auer

A composer of music for songs is down on her luck and evicted from her room. She managers to talk her way into staying in the flat of another composer who is out of town and gets her music accepted on a radio show by saying she wrote it jointly with him. This is a piece of light froth that is pleasantly entertaining, though not a great film. There are good performances from the cast and particularly from Patricia Ellis in the lead role. .


patricia EllisPatricia Ellis
Warren Hull
William Newell
Richard Carle
Zeffie TilburyZeffie Tilbury
Charles Judels
David Carlyle
Joyce ComptonJoyce Compton
Suzanne KaarenSuzanne Kaaren
Esther HowardEsther Howard
Ed Parker
James C Morton



  Rhythm In The Clouds