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Title:Phantom Express

Date: 1932
Type: Action / Drama / Romance
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: Emory Johnson

A train driver (J Farrell MacDonald) thinks he sees another train coming down the same track and the train crashes as he tries to stop it, but there is no sign of the other train. When it happens again, the son (William Collier Jr) of the owner decides he will investigate the cause of the accidents by going undercover and working on the railway, especially after he meets the attractive daughter (Sally Blane) of the train driver. The plot is OK, but has no great depth to it. The train shots vary from obvious models to actual location shots. Sally Blane brings elegance and beauty but is sadly underused both as the love interest and as part of the plot. She appeared in better roles than this.


William Collier Jr
Sally BlaneSally Blane
J Farrell MacDonald
Hobart Bosworth
Lina Basquette
Robert Ellis
Clare McDowellClaire McDowell
David Rollins



Phantom Express