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Our Hospitality

Date: 1923
Type: Comedy / Drama / Romance
Rating: 4 Stars 4/5
Colour: Black and White / Silent
Director: Buster Keaton
Producer: Joseph M Schenck


A man returns home to claim the family home and on the way falls in love with a woman only to find that the two families have feud going on for generations and her family want to kill him. This was Buster Keaton's second feature film and has a strong narative with less slapstick. The comic scenes support the story and there are some good scenes on the railway and in the river in the second half of the film. The film is set in the 1830's and there are some good period sets that add atmosphere to the film. As always Buster Keaton did all his own stunts and nearly died in the rapids scene when a safety rope broke. THis scene culminates in one of his best stunts as he swings across the waterfall to rescue Natalie Talmadge.


Buster KeatonBuster Keaton
Natalie Talmadge
Joe Roberts
Ralph Bushman
Craig Ward
Monte Collins
Joe Keaton
Kitty Bradbury


Joseph M. Schenck Productions