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Title: Operation Crossbow

Date: 1965
Type: Action
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Micahel Anderson
Producer: Carlo Ponti

During World War 2 the Germans are developing flying bombs and rocket bombs. A group of undercover agents led by George Peppard are sent in to destroy the research installation. Things get complicated when Sophia Loren turns up and is the wife of the person George Peppard is impersonating and the person one of the other people is impersonating is wanted by the police.


George PeppardGeorge Peppard
Sophia LorenSophia Loren
John MillsJohn Mills
Trevor HowardTrevor Howard
Anthony QuayleAnthony Quayle
Richard Todd
Patrick Wymark
Paul HenreidPaul Henreid
Sylvia SymsSylvia Syms
Tom CourtenayTom Courtenay
Lilli PalmerLilli Palmer


Operation Crossbow