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Title:Notorious But Nice

Date: 1933
Type: Drama
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: Richard Thorpe

A young woman (Marian Marsh) falls in love with the son (Don Dillaway) of a wealthy businessman (John St Polis), but his father wants him to marry another woman (Rochelle Hudson), so fires her from her job forces her into poverty. She is helped by a friend (Betty Compson) and marries a gangster (J Carrol Naish), but when he is shot she is charged with his murder. This is better than many murder drama's and court room drama's of the period. There is a solid performance from Marian Marsh in the lead role, but the best performance is from Betty Compson as her flawed but faithful friend.


Marian MarshMarian Marsh
Betty CompsonBetty Compson
Don Dillaway
Rochelle HudsonRochelle Hudson
John St Polis
J Carrol Naish
Dewey Robinson
Henry KolkerHenry Kolker
Robert Ellis