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Title: Non-Stop New York

Date: 1937
Type: Murder Mystery
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: Robert Stevenson

A woman witnesses the murder of a man by a gang and then returns home to England where she finds out that a man who befriended her is about to be put to death wrongly for the murder. She stows away on a posh plane back to America followed by the gang intent on killing her and a policeman who is not sure if she is telling the truth. The plot is nothing special, but worth watching for the great interior of the plane, that is more like a ship and helped by the performance from Anna Lee as the woman struggling to make people believe her story.


John LoderJohn Loder
Anna LeeAnna Lee
Francis Sullivan
Frank Cellier
Desmond Tester
Athene SeylerAthene Seyler
William Dewhurst
Drusilla Wills
Jerry Verno
James Pirrie
Ellen Pollock