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Title:Never Let Go

Date: 1960
Type: Thriller
Rating: 4 Stars 4/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: John Guillermin
Producer: Peter de Sarigny

A married man (Richard Todd) who works as a sales man for a cosmetics company has his car, a Ford Anglia stolen. As a result, he gets demoted, his marriage (Elizabeth Sellars) is strained, he is in debt and becomes obsessed with getting back his car. As the police seem not interested in recovering his car, he starts to investigate and gets involved with a petty car thief (Adam Faith) who stole his car and the woman (Carol White) who is his girl friend and also the girl friend of the cimminal mastermind (Peter Sellers) behind the car thefts. There is a good performance from Richard Todd as the man whose life is spiralling out of control as he becomes more obsessed with his car in an attempt to prove his worth to himself and his wife. The key performance in the film is that from Peter Sellers. He is known as a comic actor, but in this he gives a strong performance in a dramatic role as a vicious London criminal who abuses his girl friend. There is also a good supporting performance from Carol White as the girl caught between her young lover (Adam Faith) and the man who rescued her and gave her a home (Peter Sellers). The film was a critical and commercial failure but is well worth watching for the performance from Peter Sellers.


Richard Todd
Peter SellersPeter Sellers
Elizabeth SellarsElizabeth Sellars
Adam Faith
Carol WhiteCarol White
Mervyn JohnsMervyn Johns
David Lodge
Peter Jones
John Le MesurierJohn le Mesurier



Never Let Go