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Date: 1960
Type: Romantic comedy
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Anthony Asquith
Producer: Pierre Rouve

A millionairess (Sophia Loren) can only marry if the man she wants to marry can turn 500 inot 15000 and a doctor (Peter Sellers) who is only interested in his patients can only marry if the woman he wants to marry can live on 35 shillings a day.They meet and are attracted to each other, but the path of love is not simple. Whlst not the best romantic comedy, there are entertaining performances from Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren.


Sophia LorenSophia Loren
Peter SellersPeter Sellers
Alastair SimAlastair Sim
Dennis PriceDennis Price
Vittorio de Sica
Gary Raymond
Alfie BassAlfie Bass
Mirian Karlin
Noel Purcell
Virginia Vernon
Graham Stark
Diana Coupland
Pauline Jameson



George Bernard Shaw