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Title: The Mask Of Satan
A.K.A. Black Sunday

Date: 1960
Type: Horror
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: Mario Bava
Producer: Massimo De Rita

A witch and her lover are killed with a mask hammered onto their faces. Centuries later two men come across her tomb, removed the mask and so bring her back to life and she starts to get revenge on the relatives. She also wants to take over the body of an identical woman who has fallen in love with one of men who released the witch. This is the first film that Mario Bava took full control as a director and has plenty of style and atmosphere. This is a good example of 1960's Italian horror films.


Barbara SteeleBarbara Steele
John Richardson
Andrea Checchi
Ivo Garrani
Arturo Dominici
Enrico Olivieri
Antonio Pierfederici
TIno Bianchi
Clara Bindi
Mario Passante
Renato Terra
Germana Dominici