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Title: Manhandled

Date: 1924
Type: Comedy / Drama / Romance
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Black and White / Silent
Director: Allan DWan
Producer: Allan Dwan

A woman (Gloria Swanson) who works in shop ends up at a party of upper class people who make fun fun of her antics but as a result she meets three men who want her for various reasons but she finally comes back to her original lover. Gloria Swanson gives a great comic performance particularly in the first scene where she is squashed on the underground during rush hour. It is her performance and particularly her facial expressions that make this film worth watching. It is more of a series of set pieces rather than revolving round the plot.


Gloria SwansonGloria Swanson
Tom Moore
Lilyan TashmanLilyan Tashman
Ian KeithIan Keith
Arthur Housman
Paul McAllister
Frank MorganFrank Morgan
Ann PenningtonAnn Pennington