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Title:Luxury Liner

Date: 1933
Type: Drama
Rating: 4 Stars 4/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: Lothar Mendes

A man (George Brent) takes passage as ships doctor to follow his estranged wife (Vivienne Osborne) and her lover (Frank Morgan) and befriends the ships nurse (Zita Johann) .Meanwhile other passengers also have life changing experiences, including a lady in third class (Alice White) looking to make her way to first class. This film has a series of interwoven plots across the class system on the boat, with the best performance from C Aubrey Smith as the once wealthy industrialist now travelling third class, though well supported by Vivienne Osborne and Alice White.


George BrentGeorge Brent
Zita JohannZita Johann
Vivienne OsborneVivienne Osborne
Alice WhiteAlice White
Verree TeasdaleVerree Teasdale
Frank Morgan
C Aubrey SmithC Aubrey Smith
Henry Wadsworth
Wallis Clark
Billy Bevan
Theodore von Eltz
Henry Victor
Christian Rub