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Title:Love At First Glance

Date: 2017
Type: Romance
Rating: 2 Stars 2/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Kevin Connor

A woman (Amy Smart) who has just broken up with her boyfriend picks up the phone a man (Adrian Grenier) drops on the subway. As a journalist she decides to write a story about him by interviewing his friends whose contacts are in the phone whilst he is out of the country. This comes across as a series of shorts about his friends and ex-girlfriends that paints a picture of a man all too perfect. Amy Smart does what she can but the problem is her character is neither convincing nor has any real depth and parts of it are just too sickly sweet.


Amy SmartAmy Smart
Adrian Grenier
Jonathan Bennett
Kelly Thiebaud
Brandon Olive
Richar Riehle
Lee Purcell



Love At First Glance