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Title: Lost World

Date: 1960
Type: Sci - Fi
Rating: 2 Stars 2/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Irwin Allen

After an explorer claims that he has seen dinosaurs, an expedition goes to a South American plateau to find them. The mixed bag of people who are on the expedition for good and bad reasons, are stranded on the plateau and have to battle the locals to find a way to escape. Entertaining version of the story, but it is now showing its 1960's origins, especially Jill St John's outfits which are just inappropriate for the jungle.


Claude RainsClaude Rains
Jill St JohnJill St John
David HedisonDavid Hedison
Michael RennieMichael Rennie
Vitina MarcusVitina Marcus


Arthur Conan Doyle
Lost World