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Title:The Lady Refuses

Date: 1931
Type: Drama
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: George Archainbaud
Producer: William LeBaron

A young prostitute (Betty Compson) is hired by a rich older gentleman (Gilbert Emery) to win his son (John Darrow) away from a woman (Margaret Livingstone) who he thinks is just after his money. Things get complicated when both men fall in love with her. For an early talkie this is good film and deals with a number of adult themes, but it is hampered by the move to a London setting that does not sit well with American actors and writers as it drops between English and American and the plot and characters lack depth. Betyy Compson gives a good performance as the fallen woman with a good heart in a character that is definatelt pre-code. The curious part of the film is that GIlbert Emery sounds just like Stephen Fry.


Betty CompsonBetty Compson
John Darrow
Gilbert Emery
Margaret LivingstonMargaret Livingston
Ivan Lebedepp
Edgar Norton
Daphne Pollard



The Lady Refuses