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Title:Lady Luck

Date: 1946
Type: Romance / Drama
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Edwin L Marin
Producer: Warren Duff

A gambler (Robert Young) meets and falls in love with the owner of a bookshop (Barbara Hale). She persuades him to give up gambling and they go off to Las Vegas to get married. However misunderstandings cause them problems and then his friends try to get her involved in gambling so he can win her back. The highlight of the film is performance from Barbara Hale as the woman trying to comes to terms with her love for a gambler and her views on gambling.


Robert YoungRobert Young
Barbara HaleBarbara Hale
Frank Morgan
James GleasonJames Gleason
Don Rice
Harry DavenportHarry Davenport
Lloyd CorriganLloyd Corrigan
Teddy Hart
Joseph Vitale
Douglas Morrow



RKO Radio Pictures
Lady Luck