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Title:Kingsman: The Secret Service

Date: 2014
Type: Action / Adventure
Rating: 4 Stars 4/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Matthew Vaughn

A young man (Taron Egerton) whose father was killed whilst working for a secret organisation is invited to join the the recruitment process (Colin Firth) for the organisation. He then gets involved in saving the world from a man (Samuel l Jackson) trying to kill off most of the worlds population. He does this against a background of gang and domestic violence and a friendship with one of the other recruits (Sophie Cookson). This film is a re visioning of the James Bond style films for the 2010's. There is a lot of violence in the film and there are two major set piece sequences that are probably too long and with too much violence, however the underlying concept of the CGI, humour, music and reference to other films is good. Colin Firth is good as the traditional British establishment spy looking to introduce change, and there is good support from Michael Caine as the establishment, though Samuel L Jackson has an unconvincing accent as the bad guy. Taron Egerton's performance is patchy, Sophie Cookson is under used as the love interest, but Sophia Boutella is a good as the as the double amputee with the lethal prosthetic limbs.


Colin FirthColin Firth
Taron Egerton
Michael CaineMichael Caine
Sophie CooksonSophie Cookson
Samuel L JacksonSamuel L Jackson
Jack DavenportJack Davenport
Mark HamillMark Hamill
Sofia BoutellaSofia Boutella
Mark StrongMark Strong



Kingsman: The Secret Service