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Title:King Solomon's Mines

Date: 1937
Type: Adventure
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: Robert Stevenson

A man and his daughter who have failed in their quest for diamonds hitch a ride with a famous adventurer. When they hear about the fabled King Solomon's mines, he leaves in search of them and then she persuades the adventurer to help her find her father. This British film is the first film version of the novel. There are some very good parts of this film with some of the location shots, action scenes and three Paul Robeson songs. The downsides are the scenes obviously shot in a studio and the Irish accent of Anna Lee. Given when it was made, this is one of the better adaptations of the book (the best is the 1950 Stuart Granger / Deborah Kerr version).


Cedric HardwickeCedric Hardwicke
Paul Robeson
Anna LeeAnna Lee
Roland YoungRoland Young
John LoderJohn Loder
Artthur Sinclair
Robert Adams



H Rider Haggard
King Solomon's Mines