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Title:John Carter

Date: 2012
Type: Sci-Fi / Adventure
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Andrew Stanton

A soldier (Taylor KItsch) from the American civil war is mysteriously transported to Mars where he teams up with a princess (Lynn Collins) to stop a war between two of the races on the planet. The effects and CGI are good as expected from a Disney prduction, but the plot does not develop weel and the characters have little depth and the is no real chemistry between the two main characters.


Taylor KitschTaylor Kitsch
Lynn CollinsLynn Collins
Samantha MortonSamantha Morton
Willem DafoeWillem Dafoe
Ciaran HindsCiaran Hinds
James PurefoyJames Purefoy
Polly WalkerPolly Walker
Art MalikArt Malik



The Princess Of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs
John Carter