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Title:In The Electric Mist

Date: 2009
Type: Thriller / Drama
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Berrtrand Tavernier

A policeman (Tommy Lee Jones) investigating a series of murders of prostitutes in Louisana also gets involved in a 40 year old murder and the business deals of a high profile backer (John Goodman) of a fillm being made locally. On one level this is a standard who done it thriller, but then there is also a mystical element as Tommy Lee Jones also has conversations with soldiers from the civil war. There is a good performance from Tommy Lee Jones as the policeman and well supported by Mary Steenburgen as his wife and Kelly Macdonald as the girl friend of the star (Peter Sarsgaard) of the film being made in the film.


Tommy Lee JonesTommy Lee Jones
John GoodmanJohn Goodman
Peter SarsgaardPeter Sarsgaard
Mary SteenburgenMary Steenburgen
Kelly MacDonaldKelly Macdonald



In The Electric Mist