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Title:The Ides Of March

Date: 2011
Type: Drama
Rating: 4 Stars 4/5
Colour: Yes
Director: George Clooney
Producer: George Clooney

A man (Ryan Gosling) on the staff of a candidate (george Clooney) for the US presidency discovers that harsh reality of poitics as he is caught between doing what is right and what is best for the candidate. This is a study on the dark side of American politics and revolves around the moral decisions that Ryan Gosling has to make against a background of his ability to do his job and his innocence compared with thee experienced politicians as he is manipulated by Philip Syemour Hoffman and Paul Giamatti and he gets involved with a woman (Evan Rachel Wood) who is also on the campaign staff but has a secret. Although this was written, directed and produced by George Clooney it centres around the performance of Ryan Gosling with good support from Philip Seymour Hoffman and the rest of a strong cast.


George ClooneyGeorge Clooney
Ryan GoslingRyan Gosling
Philip Seymour HoffmanPhlip Syemour Hoffman
Paul GiamattiPaul Giamatti
Evan Rachel WoodEvan Rachel Wood
Marisa TomeiMarisa Tomei
Jennifer EhleJennifer Ehle
Max Minghella



The Ides Of March