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Title: I Can get It For You Wholesale

Date: 1951
Type: Drama / Romance / Comedy
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: Michael Gordon
Producer: Sol C Siegel

A woman (Susan Hayward) with ambition moves from dress model to dress designer and persuades two colleauges (Dan Dailey and Sam Jaffe) to set up in business with her making ready to wear clothes. However when she is approached to design for a high end company (George Sanders) she has to choose between her frinds and her career. This is an entertaining film, thanks mainly to the performance from Susan Hayward as she strives for fame and fortune at the expense of friends and love, only to end up reassessing her priorities. There is good support from George Sanders as the sauve business amn after Susan Haywards talents and affections.


Susan HaywardSusan Hayward
Dan Dailey
George SandersGeorge Sanders
Sam JaffeSam Jaffe
Randy Stuart
Marvin Kaplan
Harry Von Tell
Barbara Whiting
Vicki Cummings
Ros Elliott
Richard Lane
Mary Philips



I Can get It For You Wholesale