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Title: Gay Divorce

Date: 1934
Type: Musical
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: No
Director: Mark Sandrich

This is the first film that featured Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers as the two lead characters. The plot is thin, but the dancing from from Astaire and Rogers is excellent, set against a an Art Deco backdrop. The dialogue and some of the acting may not be of the highest quality, but this escapism into Holywood glamour appealed to audiences during the 1930's depression. Watch this and enjoy the talent and elegance of two great dancers and a fine rendition of the Cole Porter song Night and Day..
Fred AstaireFred Astaire
Ginger RogersGinger Rogers
Betty GrableBetty Grable
Edward Everett HortonEdward Everett Horton
Alice BradyAlice Brady
Erik Rhodes
Eric BloreEric Blore
Lillian Miles
Charles Coleman
William Austin


Won - Best original song
Nomination - Best Picture


Max Steiner
Gay Divorce