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Title:Do No Harm

Date: 2012
Type: Thriller
Rating: 2 Stars 2/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Philippe Gagnon

A woman who is about to get married (Deanna Russo) loses her fiance in a plance crash. In response she attepts suicide but is saved by her friend (Sarah Allan). She has help from a therapist (Lauren Holly) which seems to be going well, but when she decides to change therapist sinister things start to happen. The first half of the film is too slow and does not build the plot very well, but the second half improves when Lauren Holly starts to reveal the real psychopathic side of her character. Deanna Russo is OK but a little to bland to keep the suspense running through the film, though Sarah Allan is good as the very supportive friend.


Deanna Russo
Lauren HollyLaruen Holly
Paul Greene
Sarah AllenSarah Allen