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Title: The Devil Diamond

Date: 1937
Type: Crime thriller
Rating: 2 Stars 2/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: Les Goodwins
Producer: Maurice Conn

A diamond cutter is approached to cut a large diamond into smaller diamonds to overcome the supposed curse of the diamonds. A group of theirves are after the diamonds after they are cut and use a young man with the promise of a boxing match as a front to stay at the boarding house where the diamond cutter lives. The daughter of the cutter falls for the insurnce man sent to protect the diamond. The hightlight of the film is the energetic acrobatics of Frankie Darro and support from June Gale as the daughter.


Frankie Darro
Kane Richmond
June Gale
Rosita Butler
Robert Fiske
Charles Prince
Edward Earle
Fern EmmettFern Emmett
Byron Folger
George Cleveland
Burr Caruth
Jack Ingram
Frank McCarroll