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Title:Cross Examination

Date: 1932
Type: Courtroom drama
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: Richard Thorpe

A wealthy man (William Mong) is murdered just before he is about to change his will and his son (Don Dillaway) is put on trial for his murder. This is basically a court room drama with the key performances coming from H B Warner and Edmund Breese as defence and prosecuting lawyers. The events leading up to the murder as told in flash backs from the perspective of each witness. This is a solid, though very wordy, courtroom drama.


H B WarnerH B Warner
Sally BlaneSally Blane
Natalie MoorheadNatalie Moorhead
Edmund Breese
Don Dillaway
William Mong
Sarah PaddenSarah Padden
Niles Welch
Wilfred Lucas



Cross Examination