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Title:Conquest Of Space

Date: 1955
Type: Sci-Fi
Rating: 2 Stars 2/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Byron Haskin
Producer: George Pal

A group of men living on a space station and building a space ship are told that the next day they will travel to mars instead of the moon as planned. Although it has all the elements of a typical sci-fi film, it is slow and turgid. The plot has some problems, not least that a man who has spent years building a space station and space rocket decides after the journey has started that it against God to explore the universe and land on another planet. One curious aspect is that there are people smoking cigarettes and pipes on a space station.


Walter Brooke
Eric Fleming
Mickey Shaughnessy
Phil Foster
William Redfield
William Hopper
Benson Fong
Ross Martin