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Title: Con Air 

Date: 1997 
Type: Action 
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Simon West 

Nicholas Cage gets into a fight and accidentally kills a man. After spending time in prison he is due for parole. On the prison flight home some of the other prisoners take over the plane in an attempt to excape and Nicholas Cage has to decide between survival and getting his parole. This is a good action film with some good performances from the cast.


Nicholas CageNicholas Cage
John MalkovichJohn Malkovich
John CusackJohn Cusack

Ving RhamesVing Rhames
Rachel TicotinRachel Tioctin
Monica PotterMonica Potter
Steve BuscemiSteve Buscemi
Colm Meaney


Con Air