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Title:Christmas In Homestead

Date: 2016
Type: Romance / Christmas
Rating: 2 Stars 2/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Steven Monroe

A Christmas movie is being filmed in a small town and the famous leading lady (Taylor Cole) and the local hotel owner (Michael Rady) develop a friendship that has to overcome the advances of the leading actor and the consequences of fame. This is a typical reworking of the famous person falls in love with a charming but innocent unknown person. Taylor Cole does OK with the material, but the two male leads are uninspiring, but his sister (Katrina Norman) forms a solid centre to the film.


Taylor ColeTaylor Cole
Michael Rady
Brooklyn Rae Silzer
Katrina NormanKatrina Norman
Brandhyze Stanley
Sylvia Jefferies



  Christmas In Homestead