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Title: Christmas Caper

Date: 2007
Type: Drama / Christmas
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Yes
Director: David Winkler

A small time theif (Shannen Doherty) returns to her small home town to look after her sisters two childre. There she meets up again with her old boyfriend who is now sheriff (Ty Olsson), as as the Christmas and family spirit start to mellow her, the police and a fellow crook are on her trail. THis is better than many made for television Christmas films, with more to the plot and the characters and also thanks to a decent performance from Shannen Doherty as the thief starting to reasses her life..


Shannen DohertyShannen Doherty
Ty OlssonTy Olsson
Conrad Coates
Stefanie von PfettenStefanie von Pfetten
Sonya Salomaa
David Lewis
Natasha Calis



  Christmas Caper