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Title: Cat And The Canary

Date: 1979
Type: Horror
Rating: 1 Star 1/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Radlet Metzger

Wilfred Hyde White is rich man who dies in 1914 and arranges for his will to be shown as a film 20 years later when all the surviving potential beneficiaries are gathered together in a country house. Carol Lynley is named are the beneficiary, but she has to survive the night without going mad, but a stranger arrives at the door to say a madman is on the loose. A good premise, but this has some of the wost dialogue of any film, has no suspense and the film fails to create any 1930's atmosphere. Disappointing remake of the earlier Bob Hope version.


Honor BlackmanHonor Blackman
Carol LynleyCarol Lynley
Edward FoxEdward Fox
Wilfred Hyde White
Olivia HusseyOlivia Hussey
Wendy HillerWendy Hiller