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Title: Cassandra Crossing

Date: 1976
Type: Drama
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Yes
Director: George Cosmatos

Two terrorists break into a reseach laboratory and are contaminated with a deadly virus. One escapes and boards a train which has the usual selection of stereotype characters. The train is isolated and sent towards an isolation camp in Poland, but over a bridge that is reputed to be unsafe. This is a typical disaster style film from the 1970's with a strong cast list and good performances from Sophia Loren and Richard Harris as the divorced couple having to work together on the train and Ava Gardner in a different outfit in each scene.


Sophia LorenSophia Loren
Richard HarrisRichard Harris
Martin SheenMartin Sheen
Burt LancasterBurt Lancaster
Ava GardnerAva Gardner
O J SimpsonO J Simpson
Ingrid Thulin
Ann Turkel

Alida ValliAlida Valli

Cassandra Crossing