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Title: A Bride For Henry

Date: 1937
Type: Romantic comedy
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: William Nigh
Producer: Dorothy Reid

When her fiance (Henry Mollison) does not turn up in time for their wedding, a woman (Anne Nagel) decides she will marry her friend who is her lawyer (Warren Hull). She plans to have a quick divorce but both men are present on the honeymoon she ends up have to choose between them as the man she actually married uses another woman (Claudia Dell) to make her jealous. This is a pleasant romantic comedy with a good performance from Anne Nagel deciding which man she really loves. There is also good support from Claudia Dell as the woman hoping to pick up the rejected man.


Anne NagelAnne Nagel
Warren Hull
Henry Mollison
Claudia DellClaudia Dell
Betty Ross Clark
Lyle Moraine
Harry Harvey
Harrison Greene