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Title:Bird Of Paradise

Date: 1932
Type: Drama / Romance
Rating: 2 Stars 2/5
Colour: Yes
Director: King Vidor
Producer: David O Selznick

A group of men sailing in the pacific ocean stop at an island where one of them falls in love with the daughter of the chief. She is promised to be married but they esacpe to a remote island and live happily until the volcano stars to errupt and she is the sacrifice chosen to appease the god of the volcano. There is no real plot in this film that is a cross between Tarzan meets Robinson Crusoe, but does examine a culture clash better than many films of the period in addressing with the language barrier. However it is the performance of Dolores del Rio that is the highlight of the film as she dominates the scenes she is in with her skimpy outfits.


Dolores Del RioDolores del Rio
Joel McCraeJoel McCrea
John HallidayJohn Halliday
Lon Chaney JrLon Chaney Jr
Richard Gallagher
Bert Roach
Wade Boteler
Arnold Gray
Reginald Simpson
Sofia Orteg



Bird Of Paradise