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Title: Best Man

Date: 2005
Type: Romantic comedy
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Stefan Schwartz
Producer: Neil Peplow

Stuart Townsend is asked to be best man at the wedding of Steve John Shepherd and Amy Smart. However his friend Seth Green decides that Stuart Townsend actually fancies Amy Smart and goes about trying to get them together. This is a typical romantic comedy, of which the highlight is Seth Green's scheming character, but suffers because the female parts are not well developed, which is a shame given their abilities.


Stuart Townsend
Seth GreenSeth Green
Amy SmartAmy Smart
Steve John Shepherd
Jodhl May
Kate AshfieldKate Ashfield
David Oyelowo
Anna ChancellorAnna Chancellor
Raymond Coulthard
Martin Hancock
Peter Capaldi
Daniel Mays


Best Man