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Date: 1926
Type: Drama / Horror
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Black and White / Silent
Director: Roland West

A woman and her niece rent a large old house only to find that the proceeds of a bank robbery are hidden there and the thief who dresses up as a bat tries to terrify them out of the house to get the money. This is one of the first murder mystery films set in a country house and has some wonderful sets that the cinematography makes the most of. The performance of the film comes from Louise Fazenda as the maid who provides great comic relief in an otherwise dark film. This is one of the films that set the standard for later murder mystery films. The main weakness is that it is a silent adaptation of a stage play and whilst the director does well to tell the story it does suffer in parts because of this.


Emily FitzroyEmily Fitzroy
Louise FazendaLouise Fazenda
Jewel Carmen



Mary Roberts Reinhart