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Title:The Amazing Mr Blunden

Date: 1972
Type: Drama / Fantasy
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Lionel Jeffries
Producer: Barry Levinson

A mysterious solicitor (Laurence Naismith) appraoches a widow and her chldren (Lynne Fredrick and Gary Miller) to be caretakers for an abandoned house that is said by the locals to be haunted. When they get there they meet a young girl (Rosalyn Landor) and boy (Marc Granger) who are ghosts and go back in time to undo a wrong. This is a good British family , although it suffers from being a bit slow in places. it has good performances from the four main young leads, ably supported by laurence Naismith as Mr Blunden and Diana Dors as the in-law plotting to inherit a fortune.


Laurence NaismithLaurence Naismith
Lynne FrederickLynne Frederick
Gary Miller
Rosalyn LandorRosalyn Landor
Marc Granger
Diana DorsDiana Dors
Paul EddingtonPaul Eddington
Madeline SmithMadeline Smith