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Title:2 Days In Paris

Date: 2007
Type: Romantic comedy (French and English)
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Julie Delpy

A couple who live in New York go to Europe on holiday to revive their relationship. After a difficult time in Venice they go to Paris he (Adam Goldberg) meets her (Julie Delpy) parents. The inevitable culture clash between America and France occur. Their relationship is further complicated when Julie Delpy meets up with some of her ex-boy friends and Adam Goldberg struggles to cope with the impact this has on his relationship. Julie Delpy wrote and starred in this unusal romantic comedy. The writing is OK but the film is let down by some strange camera work that has too many jerky close up shots.


Julie DelpyJulie Delpy
Adam Goldberg
Alexia Landeau



2 Days In Paris