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Title:13Hrs (a.k.a. Night Wolf)

Date: 2010
Type: Horror
Rating: 2 Stars 2/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Jonathan Glendening
Producer: Nicholas Napier-Bell

A young woman returns to her home from America where her father, brothers and some friends are staying. A creature kills their father and they try and hide and escape from it, whilst being killed off one by one. This is a low budget British horror film with a typical plot and soon has you drawing up a list of which order you want the annoying people to be killed off in. The script and diraction is not great with Isabella Calthorpe doing the best with the material available.


Isabella CalthorpeIsabella Calthorpe
Tom FeltonTom Felton
Gemma Atkinson
Gabriel Thompson



13 Hrs